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Lower Back Pain

I am qualified to aid your lower back pain problems as a part of the personal training packages.

This consists of an initial assessment with a pre-exercise assessment which includes:

  • Identifying if you are a referral
  • Psychosocial assessment
  • Functional/Physical assessment
  • Movement-based observations
  • Pelvic assessments

Needed to kick start my exercise regime; after letting too many months pass by without stepping foot into a gym. Visited a few gyms to locate a dedicated personal trainer in and around Bedfordshire and luckily came across Anna!

I can honestly say my personal training sessions with Anna has got me back on track and I’m improving and getting healthier as the weeks go by. I have noticed a massive difference in my strength, endurance and muscle tone. Anna has also given me tips on my eating habits to ensure I’m losing weight in a healthy way. My weekly sessions are a MUST to keep me fit, happy and energised. I couldn’t recommend Anna enough.