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Circuit Training

Circuit Training is designed to work all muscle groups.

It is made up of a variety of different exercise stations which are completed one after another, a complete circuit is formed of a turn at each station.

Circuit Training is great for weight loss and toning, it promotes variable types of training for an amazing body workout.

Just some of the benefits include:

Increased bone density, Lowered blood pressure, higher resting heart rate, improved body composition, improved muscular strength and Endurance, improved posture.


For the record my weight went from actually 19. 6 lbs to 13st.6lbs

The gym exercises as prescribed by Anna plus the dietary advice over a 8-9 month period was obviously instrumental in my weight loss.

Some people did not recognise me after the weight loss.

The weight built up over the years due to travel food and business dinners etc – sad but true.